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Industrial Process Piping

  • Welded and Threaded Pipe Installation
  • Gas Piping
  • Process Gases
  • Compressed Air
  • Stainless Steel
    & Mild Steel

Gas Services, House Piping, and Equipment Feeds

Like your electrical service, we will evaluate your gas service, provide service upgrades, add piping and distribution, and run feeds for new equipment.

Compressed Air Piping

Industrial plants requiring air compressors, receiver tanks, and air dryers, is the norm. We specialize in the industrial installations of complete systems. Whether using standard black iron, copper, or aluminum tubings such as Infinity Pipe or Trans Air Pipe we can provide the expertise needed. Beyond the piping of the system, we can design a duct system to remove excessive heat from the air compressor in the summer, with the option to reclaim the heat in the winter.

Industrial Process Piping

Our experienced pipefitters will provide installations of all types of industrial process piping – inert gases and combustible gases.

“Armor Construction Services is a reliable sub-contractor for our customer installations.  We utilize them to install the critical piping that delivers gas from our storage tanks to our customer’s welding machines.”

– Todd Reifsteck, Linde/Praxair, Southern Ohio Sales Manager

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